Introductory Guide

This is a quick introductory guide. It is designed to introduce you to Kundello platform, hoping that once you finish reading it, you'll easily find your way around it.

So without further ado, let's get into it.

After you LOG IN to your account, the first page you'll see will be DASHBOARD page (see below).

On the left-hand side, you will find the Main Menu and on the right-hand side will be your Review Collection Statistics.

Also, at the very top of the screen, you will see the INVITES SENT counter - this will showing you how many review invites you have sent and how many you have available in your plan, VIEW PROFILE PAGE button - this will take you to your Profile Page, and UPGRADE button - where you can click to upgrade or downgrade your account plan.

This is the main menu:

At the very top of the main menu, you have a button for sending review invites. Once you click on the button you will be presented with two options, to send a single invite or multiple invites.

Below Invite sending options, you will find the DASHBOARD button. The dashboard is your admin home page, as shown above, and below, and here you will find all your important statistics.

Below DASHBOARD you will find REVIEWS tab. This is a central place for all your Business and Product Reviews.

Below REVIEWS, you will find the CUSTOMER PHOTOS tab. This is a central place for all the photos that customers may have submitted with their review.

Below CUSTOMER PHOTOS, you will find the REVIEW TRACKING tab. Here you will have a complete overview of each stage your review invite is at - like who opened the invite but didn't leave a review.

Below REVIEW TRACKING is WIDGETS tab.  This is where you will find all your On-page Widgets for your site as well as settings for Google Rich Snippets (stars in organic search results).

Below TOOLS, you will find INTEGRATIONS tab. This is where you connect your Google and Facebook accounts with Kundello.

Below MY PROFILE is HELP. Clicking on this button you will access Knowledge Base where you will find lots of useful articles regarding Kundello platform.

Below HELP is a SUPPORT button. This is where you submit a ticket to our support and we will be in touch with you shortly after that (Monday - Friday 8 am to 6 pm Australian EST).

The last tab of the Main Menu is the SETTINGS tab. This is where you will find all the settings and customizations for Kundello platform. As an example, you will find here Account Settings, settings for Email Review Invites, Review Reminders (and Reminder Settings), Reply to Email Settings, Thank you email with Coupon, In Review Photo Settings, and your Business Profile Page Setup.

Also, this is where you will set up Automatic Review Collection, so your email review invitations can be sent automatically after the customer makes a purchase on your website.

We hope that this quick guide will give you a good understanding of where you can find things, and should you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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