Automatic Review Invites

Automatic Review Invites are great for online businesses who wish to collect business or product reviews on autopilot.

It's a simple two-step process to complete the setup:


For automatic review invites to work, you need to copy and paste a small line of code to your website.

You will find the code at Settings >. General Settings >> Automatic Invites - API Integration page

There are two ways how you can implement programming code:

1. You can copy and paste Embed Code to your checkout page.
2. Or you can connect via API using the RESTful API - PHP cURL code

In our experience, by connecting via RESTful API - PHP cURL code, you will achieve better collection/sending accuracy (99.99%).

Regardless of which programming code you choose, for any of the above codes to work correctly, your programmer will need to replace our example code variables with your variables.

Once you implement the code on your website, your customers' information like name and email, will be imported into the system so that review invites could be sent automatically to your customers (at your predetermined time intervals).


Now that code installation is complete, please select the time delay between the customer order and the business or product review request.

You will find Time Delay Settings on the same page as the code -  Settings >. General Settings >> Automatic Invites - API Integration page

Select the number of days - 1 to 60-day range is available, click on the SAVE SETTINGS button, and you are done. Your review collecting is now fully automated.

Here is a screenshot of the time delay settings:

We hope this will be an easy task for you to complete, and please let us know if you have any questions.