Installing Universal Code on your site

What is a Universal Code?

Universal code is a small snippet of code responsible for the successful functioning of automatic review requests and on-site widgets. This code needs to be installed only once on your website. However, for your convenience, it can be found on multiple widget pages.

Do I need any technical knowledge to install Universal Code?

Installing the Universal code is quick and easy. However, you will need access to your site backend and technical knowledge to perform this task successfully.

Where can I find the Universal Code?

Universal Code is available on every Widget page , but as we mentioned above, it only needs to be installed once. Not multiple times.

Here is an example of the section where you will find the Universal Code -  once you log in, the Universal code will be inside the window.

Where to install the Universal Code?

Please copy and paste the Universal Code right before the </head> tag.

What is the next step after the Universal Code is installed?

Once you complete the Universal Code installation, please connect Kundello and your website via API - this is if you want to send review invites automatically and install any on-site widgets that you like.

We hope this was an easy task to do, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.