Setting up review reminders for Product Reviews

This guide will help you set up Review Reminders for Product Reviews.

What are the review reminders?

Review reminders are emails that Kundello automatically sends to your customers if they don't leave a review following the original Email Review Request.

Review Reminders are NOT automatically sent. You will need to turn them ON for both Business Reviews and Product Reviews.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY recommend one review reminder to be sent to your customer, as some customers might find them annoying.

Here is how to do it:

Go to Settings >> section Product Review Settings >> click on Product Review Reminder Settings

This is where you will decide if and how many review reminder you would like to send.

If you decide NOT to send review reminders, make sure that " Don't send reminders" box is ticked - like below:

If you DO want to send review reminders, please select here how many reminder emails you would like to send - 1 or 2

Once you decide how many review reminders you would like to send, you will net to set up reminder timeframe.

As an example below, we will use a scenario where 2 review reminders should be sent:

As per the above example, we have decided to send the 1st Review Reminder 3 days after the "Original Review Request" and the 2nd Review Reminder 3 days after the 1st Review Reminder.

However, if the customer leaves a review after the 1st Review Reminder, the 2nd Review Reminder will be automatically cancelled.

Now that you have decided on Review Reminders and you have set sending timeframe, it's time to set up actual Reminder Emails.

Settings for both Product Review Reminder Emails are the same, so we will just explain one of them - here is the guide on how to set up Product Review Reminder Emails.