How to send review requests?

Sending review requests is simple, and there are three ways to do that:

1. Automatically

2. Manually - a single request

3. Manually - multiple requests at once

1. Automatic Review Requests

To send review requests automatically, you will need to:

1. Connect your website with Kundello via API and install a line of code on your checkout page

2. Select the delay time frame between purchase and review request.

To do that, go to Settings >> Automation and General Settings >> Automatic Review Requests - API Integration and follow the instructions. You can also visit the setup guide here - Automatic Review Invites Setup Guide.

2. Manual Review Requests - Single

To send review requests manually, as a single invite, go to your admin panel and click on the SEND INVITES button:

Take the first option - SINGLE INVITE and fill in your customer details - you can enter some or all of your customer details, it's up to you.

Click on SEND REVIEW REQUEST button and your review request will be sent.

Here is the screenshot of that page:

3. Manual Review Requests - Multiple (bulk)

To send multiple review requests at once, go to your admin panel and click on SEND INVITES button:

Take the second tab option - Multiple Requests - and follow the instructions. 

Step 1. Download the template and fill in your customer details

Step 2. Click to search for the template on your computer

Step 3. Click to upload the template to Kundello

Step 4. Click on SEND REQUESTS button and your review invitations will be sent to your customers immediately.

Once your multiple invites are sent, you will see the statistics like in the screenshot below:

We hope the above will be helpful, and please let us know if you have any questions.